The Awakening Process


Practicing the power of stilling your mind will lead you to BE HERE NOW and this is called the awakening process. The work that you need to do involves quieting your mind, so that you can find peace within. Choosing to listen to yourself deeply is the way of the Masters. So imitate Jesus, Buddha, and Socrates. This means that philosophy is important in your life and is important for the awakening process. Questions like "Where can I go from your Presence?" lead you to know Jesus. Following the way of the Masters is always the way of the wise.

Learning to breathe into your Being is the practice of  presence as well. So breathe deeply and you will access the power of now. Sometimes in life, you can feel down and disturbed, but there is an end to suffering in sight when you practice presence. This awakening will lead to enlightenment. It is the goal of all people to find this way. Enlightenment need not involve hours of meditation, and be a complicated process. The way to realize what all the greatest masters are teaching in spiritual journeys is about a devotion to truth. That requires a look into philosophy.

Philosophy is the love of wisdom. It can help you on your journey to enlightenment. In fact, there is no other way to realize the truth of existence. With a philosophy counsellor, you can begin this journey with grace and ease, and do the one thing that all people are eager to do once in their lives, take a look at philosophy. Start on your journey today to find the stillness within.