Experiencing Stillness

Practicing Stillness

Life is in stillness. This is the power of the present moment. You are here to access this present moment by divine right to be yourself fully. This is the quest of the philosopher, as well as the quest of the truth-seeker. Becoming aware is what you need to do to access the present moment. BE HERE NOW is the goal of enlightenment.

Finding the present moment is called finding the peace within. You can know yourself deeply in this peace. This will cause an awakening of your Being, which can lead you to see the light deeper. Make way for the light! Finding your true self is called seeing the light.

There is a cause within you to know the truth. This can be part of your life's work and soul purpose. Awakening to your life's purpose is the quest for all people. Finding yourself to be pure, perfect, full, whole, and complete, you will find that you are like God. Love is being perfect, so you are pure, unconditional love. Arise, awaken, and ascend.

Philosophy can help you understand the magic of who you truly are. Life is found in cosmic connections in the stillness. It is no surprise when people hear the truth that the whole universe is also within. You can have a cosmic experience by going inward and acknowledging there is truth that can be discovered from a spiritual journey. Perhaps the question should not be 'What's Out There?" but what's within? Talking with a philosophy counsellor can help you answer all these questions so that you can find peace, confidence, and courage to move forward.