A Teaching on Suffering

What's the Way Out of Suffering?

The experience of suffering brings us away from the state of Being, but we can overcome suffering through the power of presence. We can access a dimension of ourselves through conscious awareness. By using your life wisely, you can find the truth within. Listening deeply to yourself is the way out of suffering. This brings you into the point of knowing who you are. Your soul is healed through this practice.

The state of wonder is a state of philosophy and it gives you the point of knowing the truth. Finding the right questions to ask yourself during these moments of stillness is key. This will lead to your awakening. Ask yourself, "What do I know about myself?" and "What is going on inside me?" and "Who am I?" These questions will facilitate a rebirth in your soul. The greatest question you can ask is "Where did I come from?" and that will tune you into the creation of the universe.

"Be still and know that I am God," is a common teaching in Christianity. Best to imitate Christ walk to knowing yourself. When you follow Christ, you will be set free from suffering. All the world is ready for you to walk this path. Hope for yourself is not alive without God. Choose to know yourself deeper every day and you will find the way out of suffering. The end of suffering is enlightenment. This is not superhuman, but something you can accomplish right now. Try talking to a philosophy counsellor to help you reach all your goals.