The Fourfold Path

The Fourfold Path

Magdalena Lovejoy

The Fourfold Path is the way to transform your life in four simple steps. It is a way to recover your true self and stop the lies of the false self. It teaches you the philosophical practices necessary to stop identifying to the false self. In essence, it is a way for humankind to find happiness in the world and be set free. It offers to teach the world the moral and ethical teachings of Plato which are necessary for human enlightenment so we can come to believe in such things as truth, freedom, God, love, consciousness, and the triumph of the human spirit.

Beginning with the origin of human consciousness, the Fourfold Path goes on to describe the four cognitive revolutions that occur in humankind that inspire an evolution in history, awakening, transformation in our thinking, and the journey to know ourselves. It describes how you can live your life according to the sacred path teachings, which is the most commonly accepted metaphor on spiritual enlightenment, rebirth, and awakening that is shared by every culture worldwide. It invites readers on a soul journey to find true happiness and ultimately union with God by becoming more than they are, even becoming like God.

The thoughtfulness and genuineness of the Platonic spiritual vision captivates readers from around the world as they are able to embrace this book as a popular way for human development, change and for the making of ideas with a true-to-life powerful shift in meaning that concerns the deepest meaning in life itself.

It is what all people are waiting for....

"Motivating... inspiring... compelling... life-changing..." The Editor