Everyone goes through difficult challenges in their life and everyone can use some help to get through the challenges. Challenging times invite the opportunity for personal care from a private counsellor. These times invite growth and positive change. In my practice, I provide private counselling sessions to help you solve your problems with psychological tools and philosophical wisdom, so that you can heal from a variety of concerns and life stressors. This wisdom will help you deal with your problems on a practical and effective manner in which you can confront life choices using models that are proven effective in problem solving. You will have the opportunity to examine yourself in various situations, using the technique of dialogue in philosophical discourse, so you can learn what can be beneficial to your health from the knowledge offered. The goal of my therapy to empower people to live richer and more healthier lives. I know that choosing a therapist can be difficult and is a very personal experience. I offer a free 15 minute phone consultation to make it easier on you. I offer services in:

  • Life Transitions (Life Issues, Career Change, Relationship Change, and more.)
  • Conflict Resolution (Anger Management, Stress Management, Mindfulness Training)
  • Meaning and Purpose Issues (Self-Image, Self-Concept, Self-Esteem, Grief, Loss, Existential Crisis, Trauma, Grief, and more.)
  • Spiritual Growth (Religious and spiritual concerns)

Philosophical counselling is soul work. It gives individuals an opportunity to establish a relationship with a counsellor who will take them through their process, situation, and answer questions. A counsellor can help you face challenges, share your feelings and experiences, solve difficulties, and help you "sort things out." Counselling offers you private time with a compassionate, wise professional that can understand your problems, guide your process, and facilitate your self-inquiry. It deepens your self-work through the relationship that is naturally established between client and counsellor. Through counselling, individuals can often heal negative thought patterns and change behaviour, revive relationships, and restore hope, allowing you to think, act, and live better and wiser. If you are unsure about your situation or whether you are in a process, counselling will give you clarity and provide answer to those difficult questions. Our methods involve exercises which can help you find resolve to your everyday problems with optimism. When questions such as "Why me?," "What is the right thing to do?,” "What is happiness?," and "How can I live in balance?, and "How can I steer my course?" begin to draw your attention to seek answers, you can access these answers from counselling.

Finding equilibrium may require the development of new skills, behaviours, and the acquisition of a new belief-set. I will work with you in a supportive space to help you acquire these skills so you can manage your challenges. I will work with you to help you develop acceptance, goal-achievement, and to cope with your anxieties and fears. By asking the right questions, you will learn how to move forward in life and this begins the work of problem-solving. I focus on a wide range of challenges related to issues for problem-solving. I use a variety of mindfulness-based therapies to help solve these stress related problems.

Christian Perspective to Counselling

Each sessions comes with "prayer counselling" for those who have faith, they can develop their spirituality. I consider your issues and integrate a spiritual dimension and values into the therapy. Healing comes from above, and from within.