A Few Words About Myself

Spiritual Teacher and Popular Life Transformational Author

Magdalena Lovejoy, Ph.D.

Magdalena is a spiritual teacher who was born in Toronto and educated in Canada, achieving her Ph.D. at York University. At the age of 30, she had a powerful life-transforming experience that created a spiritual awakening and led to her spiritual enlightenment. After a few years on a soul journey, she processed this experience through understanding, training, and meditation, which deepened the transformation. Later, she began to work with individuals as a philosophical counsellor and spiritual teacher where she helped people heal in their life issues. She became a popular spiritual teacher with her books, The Fourfold Path, The Tree of Light, and 5 Ways of the Wise.

Magdalena's philosophy helps countless of people transform their lives and awaken to a better life. At the core of her teachings lie a philosophy called true self living that helps people transform within and evolve in their consciousness to become awakened and enlightened. It focused on the truth of their being a 'you.' This philosophy helps people transcend the egoic consciousness and identify with their true self. This creates inner peace and helps create global peace.


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