Magdalena Lovejoy is a registered Canadian philosophical Counsellor. She provides counseling services for individuals with stress-related problems concerning life transitions, meaning and purpose, spirituality, and conflict resolution issues. As a philosophical counsellor, she also helps individuals deal with deeper questions concerning the nature of reality, existence, God, and truth, in order that they may cope with problems of human happiness and suffering, which causes imbalance in one's life. She assists with goal-setting and offering coaching for life decisions, ethical and moral problems, and spiritual choices.

Magdalena Lovejoy's primary intervention is the Peace Process and transcendental therapy, which offers individuals a step-by-step model of overcoming problems through mindfulness and techniques that help change habits, and thinking that will meet the client's needs and goals. Her research in the area of philosophy can help you heal and enhance your health and balance.

Magdalena Lovejoy's approach is based on compassion, which gives her a calm, grounded presence as she truly understand the human desire to live truly human lives and offers individuals a safe space where they can feel valued and understood. She treats clients as unique individuals and honors their work to examine their lives. She approaches healing as a partnership to help individuals develop their life skills by focusing on the deepest questions in life in order to help people gain control and wisdom in their life.

My style is to open the field to a more genuine, humble and open form of dialogue. I help people to find their most authentic selves, and to know themselves, relate to others, appreciate their place in the great web of life, and see themselves as part of the earth, the stars, the universe, and the cosmos. While you are the center, I am actively there with you, expanding as you expand, supporting you, guiding you, and encouraging you to be yourself, as I will be myself.

Magdalena Lovejoy's recent publication has focused on helping individuals awaken to truth and realize true happiness through meaningful and purposeful practices that include mindfulness, meditation, the creation of an ethical and morality belief system, and spiritual development. I approach each situation with trust, openness, and sensitivity, and allow individuals to share their feelings and experiences in a confidential space.